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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Freezer May

Just letting you know now that the next freezer meal night is going to be Friday, May 14th. Just missed making your own fabulous Mother's Day meal ahead of time :) I'll need quantities and orders for each person by Monday, May 10th. You are welcome to invite a friend or relative as long as they come to help assemble and their orders are turned in by the deadline. I've kept the number of meals at 12 so
that we can get more done for the time we put into them. I've heard back from several of you (or your husbands...)about how much you are enjoying your dinners and can't wait for the next go-around. Everything is a new selection, with the exception of the Twice-baked potatoes and the Mexican Lasagna. So here are the menu choices:

1. Maui Chicken $5
2. Candied Chicken $3.50
3. Heavenly Chicken $6.25
4. Orange Chicken $2.75
5. Crab-filled Crescent Rolls $7
6. Breakfast Burritos (12) $8
7. Chicken Tetrazzini $7
8. Twice Baked Potatoes $4.25
9. Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli Soup $7.50
10. Pineapple & Tomatillo Pulled Pork $5.25
11. Mexican Lasagna $7.50
12. Pumpkin Pie Cake $6.00

HUGE REMINDER: Fred Meyer has the 9x12 Glad OVENware on sale through the middle of May for $3.99 for the 2-pk. If you have a smaller family, has the 8x8 Glad OVENware containers in an 18pk for $25+free shipping.Make sure that all the meat bags and "finished product" freezer bags are labeled with your name in permanent marker. All meals will feed a family of 6 plan your containers accordingly.

Statistically shown, for every meal you have in the freezer, ready to pull out and cook, it saves you an HOUR of prep time and lots of $$$. They are nutritionally sounder than processed or fast-food meals. The variety is extensive and exciting. I love the whole concept and production of Make-ahead meals. I'm willing to share my time and efforts because I really feel that this is a great time and money saver, but it's a LOT more fun to assemble the meals with friends than by yourself. Although, friends are not required to actually take on the endeavor, but many hands make the load lighter.

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