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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fabulous Cereal Finds....

So I was tooting the horn about the Fred Meyer deals this week and then I came across another one: Kellogg's cereal=$1.67 a box (limit of 6 per transaction). The Catalina deals are still going on through next week, so you get a $4 coupon back on 5 or more boxes of cereal. So there's 2 ways to do this deal. First option: buy a set of 6 cereals for a clean total of $10. You get the $4 Catalina coupon and you get to use three coupons instead of 2 on the total. So the math looks like this: $10 for 6 boxes of cereal
- 4 Catalina=$6 + minus off the coupons for a grand total of $3 for everything
50 cent$ per box
Second option: $8.35 for five boxes of cereal
-4.00=$4.35 + minus off the 2/$1 coupons for a grand total of $2.35 for 5 boxes
47 cent$ per box
It almost cerebral as to which option you like. I just know that both ways are pretty stellar. There's only a difference of of 3 cents per box...but way to stock up at a great price!! There is only one disclaimer: you have to do everything in separate transactions of 5 boxes or 6 boxes. Anything over 5 boxes of cereal only prints out ONE Catalina. You want multiple Catalina $4 coupons when you a buying in bulk. Be patient. Go later in the evening, or early in the morning to do more than one transaction. It's totally worth it.

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