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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waiting for Monday......

As a general rule, I don't shop on Sundays. No oxes in the mire, no emergencies, no need to speed down to Walgreens. But Monday is tomorrow and I'm heading there first thing...because I have deals to make. I ordered my dishwasher tablet coupons last week for the ad that broke today. They are on sale for $3.99 with a $1.50 Register Reward. I got $1/1 coupons. And while not necessarily free, they are going to be a great price once I apply the register rewards from last week. I'm sitting on $28 in register rewards to start my deals tomorrow--and I can't wait!!

All the deals haven't quite gelled in my head about what combinations I should buy them in to maximize the savings. But one of the deals I'm pleased about is the Suave shampoo sale. It's on sale for 2/$6 with a $2 Register Reward. I have coupons for Buy One, Get One Free. What's nifty about Walgreen's--they apply the price of the highest item as the price they put in the coupon box. Since both items are the same price in this deal, it will be $3 taken from the total. So I will pay $3+tax for two 32 ounce bottles of product and then get a $2 register reward. Since I am getting TWO bottles (one for free), I am able to use a register reward from last week without having to use a "filler" item in the transaction. That's awesome! So I'm thinking that since I have $5 register rewards to use, I'll buy the dishwasher tablets and two bottles of Suave together, put the coupons on the transaction, and then apply the register rewards. That should bring the total down substantially...

Transaction 1:

Finish Dishwasher Tablets--$3.99

Suave Shampoos (32 oz)----$6.00/2


Minus coupons---------------$1+$3

New Total---------------------$5.99+tax

Register Reward----------- -$5.00

Grand Total-------------------99cents+tax


Bonus------------------------$3.50 in Register Rewards to use on the next transaction

I've planned my combination of items I'm going to purchase around the register rewards that items produce and if there is a coupon available for them. I've been shopping for a lot of personal care items so that my family can assemble hygiene kits for the local shelters. We've been fortunate to find amazing deals on deodorant lately, so that will be another item that we can add to the kit.

Transaction 2:

Mitchum Deodorant---------$2.99

Carmex Healing Lotions----2/$10


Coupons-----------------------$3 ($1/1 for Mitchum and 2 printables for Carmex)

New Total---------------------$9.99

Filler items--------------------75 cents--3 cans of tomato sauce @ 25 cents each

I'm going to need 3 of them because I want to use the two register rewards from the last transaction, plus a $5 one that I earned on M&Ms last week. Remember to choose the cheapest item available, if possible.


Register Rewards----------- - 8.50

Grand Total-------------------$2.24+tax

Bonus: $2 Mitchum Register Reward + $5 Carmex Register Reward=$7 RR

If you are doing multiple transactions for the same item, you will have to alternate every other transaction if you plan on using the Register Rewards to buy the additional items, because if you use a Carmex Register Reward to buy more Carmex lotions, a new Register Reward will not print. You can avoid this situation by having your transactions planned ahead of time to assure that you are generating new rewards, as well as being able to use the ones that you already have.

Filler items...necessary little transaction makers! Last week was brilliant because Pentex highlighters were on sale for 9 cents each. Almost every transaction I did had a highlighter thrown in to keep the ratio between items and coupons/register rewards. Register Rewards aren't technically coupons, but the register sees them that way. So if you have 3 bottles of soap, you have to have 3 coupons or register rewards, in any combination--and no more, or you will need a filler. And the amount of the coupons and register rewards cannot super cede the amount of the transactions before sales' tax. For example, if you total is $3.20 with tax and you have the cashier a register reward for $3--it probably won't work because only $2.96 of the total is hard pricing and the rest is tax.... The way around this is to add a cheap filler. They have 25 cents candies near the front registers--or look for usable fillers from the add, like the highlighter scenario I did last week.

Remember that even though an item may be deemed as "free" by applying a coupon/register reward to the are still on the hook to pay the sales' tax for the item as if you had paid sales' price in full. An item for $2.99 that you have $2.99 in coupons/rewards for...will still have a balance at the end of the transaction of whatever your state's sale tax is for the $2.99 price. In Washington state, more specifically Spokane County, I pay 8.7% sales' tax. So I would have a remaining amount of 26 cents to pay. But paying the governor is still better then paying full price...sales' price, or even half price.

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