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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ok. I'm in love. I think Walgreen's rocks the boat with some of their deals. I was just perusing next week's ad--and not coming up with a lot of items that make for uber-savings because of Register Rewards...but still found some great deals that are worth mentioning, especially if you are still in Back to School-mode.

Next week's deals:

Copy paper [400count]--$1.99 (limit 3 with coupon)

Elmer's glue/5" scissors--29 cents (store coupon)

erasers (2 pk)/sheet protectors/index cards/poly binders/mechanical pencils/etc--39 cents

10ct pencils--19 cents

Highlighters--9 cents each

Crayola crayons--free after Register Rewards

Papermate 10pk pens/white poster board--29 cents

Expo dry erase markers--$3.99 (go to to print the coupon that saves $2/2 for additional savings)

Kleenex--99cents a box (with store coupon). There are coupons on ebay for additional savings. Make sure to read the coupon carefully as to make sure that it is for the featured item.

Kind of a weird diversion, since I don't get groceries at Walgreen's...but they have a dozen eggs and packages of bagels on sale for $1.29. That seems like a fan-tab-ulous deal, especially as you are going in for those last minute back to school needs, right?

Keep in mind that you are able to place manufacturer's coupons on store coupons. This exponentially improves the sale price on a lot of things. For example, in this week's ad, Reach toothbrushes and Reach dental floss are featured in a store coupon for 99cents each (limit 3 per store coupon). I found coupons on ebay that were Save $3 on 3. Um. Yeah! It was the only set I could find, but I got 'em! I still had to pay sales' tax for the Governor's coffers--but at least it was only 26 cents for the three items, rather than $3.23 before coupons. [They adjusted the coupon down to $2.97...instead of the $3, because they won't give you a credit to take the items for free. It's all good.] So what would have cost $1.79 each, prior to the coupon, ended up costing me around a quarter for all three! Sweet deals--more XOXOs to Walgreen's.

And to Mary Lou "Who?"--a soon-2-be coupon GURU--that I met today on my dental supply's all about how you use your coupons! Always use them on the lowest priced items, and combine store coupons with the manufacturer's whenever possible. Register Rewards are the "cream" for a sale well-shopped :) It'll bring out the obsessive/compulsive in you and before long--you won't buy anything unless you are stripping digits away from the price tags!

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