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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get Your Game ON!!

I heard a couple of radio ads for the Hasbro's Family Game Night special promoting coupons for commonly played games like Monopoly, Life, Battleship, Guess Who?, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, and more. Then I came across the coupons being featured on some of the couponing websites like and others--that linked the coupons to games they found on sale at Wal-mart. I put Wal-mart on the list for stops today to check out the gaming potential.

It was fresh in my mind, because just last week we were at Target getting school supplies, when Jeff came back through the toy department with the game of Monopoly in hand. It's such a common, all-American game--and we don't have it. He thought it would be fun to introduce our boys to it. But Mama ruined it for him. Umm. Yes. I told him we should just wait till it goes on sale. It's September. I figured it would be on sale in the next couple of months with the holidays coming. I don't know just kills me to pay full retail for stuff you know will go on sale. And seriously...within two days of this experience, my restraint paid off. I went to a website where I could print my own coupons from home...and there were the coupons for Hasbro games. I printed those babies off and took them to Wal-mart today.

The coupons can also be found here at this website:

Monopoly had a shelf price of $11.97. I used my $4 off coupon on it. WooHoo!! The Krazy Coupon Lady mentioned that there were games in the clearance section that would work with the coupons. I went looking for the Connect 4 on sale for $5.24 (with the $4 coupon burning in my wallet...), and came up with nothing, except I did find a game of Guess Who? that had been marked down to $8. It actually looked like a great game and I had brought all the game coupons with me...of which, there was one for $4 off Guess Who? Lucky find!!

So I got both games for the price of the Monopoly game before coupons. It was fab day at the mart. And the best part of the whole deal...the coupons don't expire till October. So I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the other games that the websites mentioned were on the clearance aisles. I would love to pick up some of those for a bargain of $1-1.24 a game! They would make great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or for the Giving Tree during the holiday season. I love GrEaT deals!!

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