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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Awesome Albertsons' Goes "Printable"

I thought I would check and it was a HIT!! There was atiddly-bit about Albertsons' offering doublers that can be printed from home!! Oh My Gosh...goodness is still out there. You don't have to buy the Sunday paper to get a set of doublers. Wooooo-HOOOOOOOOO!! When the the chain stopped making the doublers available in the store, I knew that the major stock-up days were dwindling. It meant the only way to get doublers in mass quantity would involve buying, begging, or stealing them. I have serious moral issues with two of these methods, and for the third--I'm a cheapskate! What good would it do to spend $2 just to save $3. That's like taking two steps forward and one step back. So the printables are BRILLIANT because they are free!! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you Albertsons'. Go here to print a set of your own.

The doublers will double any coupon up to the face value of $1. But, for example, if the item you are attempting to buy is 99 cents and you have a $1 coupon...the register will automatically adjust the doubler to 99 cents. No more getting credit for things that you don't "pay for". Albertsons' has done major overhauls on the way they handle their sales with mass coupon usage now. I think that it's mostly from the "extreme" publicity that TLC's "Extreme Couponing" show brought to the chain, that showed some savvy shoppers applying their windfall savings towards items that didn't have coupons applied towards them. No more "free meat" or "freebies" driving your totals into the negative balance. You can only get exact store credits courtesy of new software on the registers.

The northwest region doesn't have any stores that routinely double coupon values except for Albertsons'--who limit that privilege to a total of three per customer per transaction (up to three transactions in a row)--and only if they have the hard ad with the double coupons, in hand. And the access to the doublers has been severely tightened by no longer being able to get them in the store itself. It's driving many of the novice couponers to steal...literally. I know that I've ranted before about being honest...but hard times seems to have some people shelving their morals and principles for the sake of $3. (BTW--so not worth the sale of your integrity....)

So under the circumstances, I'm extremely pleased that I was able to print a set of doublers at no cost and also have the doublers that I got from our Sunday paper. It will be worth the trip tomorrow to use them. Especially on the items that are taking an additional $5 off when purchased in sets of 10. Go to to see which ones.

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