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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Pays to Make Your Own!!

I just came across a blog tonight that had a recipe to make your own "Febreze". I thought that was pretty clever, especially if you are an avid Febreze user.

(Pets, kids, odoriferous foods occasionally drive us to our nasal limits).

Imitation is the highest form of flattery! it goes thrice. There are a lot of products that we can make at home to not only save money, but to control the amount of chemicals and detergent that we introduce to our personal environment. This must have been on my mind for awhile now, because I went through my word documents saved on the computer, and found several articles with recipes attached. It was worthy of my attention, at some point.

Lots of people must be thinking of snipping the fat out of their budgets, because there are so many creative, and productive, ways to do that without eliminating the commodity. Hard times sometimes cause us to become our most creative and productive selves. And quite frankly, just because it comes out of a can--doesn't mean that it is the best product to clean with.

A little research on the secrets of homemade household cleaners may pay off big in the end. Sometimes Savings start with just a Simple thought, rather than going to the Shop :)

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