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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stellar deals.....Toilet Paper

I know that everyone is checking out the Quaker sale at Albertsons' and the coupon is included in the ad--which is a bonus deal, making each box $1. (I didn't tout this sale too much because I just stocked up on major Quaker deals last month at 40 cents a box....but a $1 a box is a great deal for any "new" coupon shoppers or for those who don't stock up like I do to carry over till the next mega sale). In reference to the coupon, Albertsons' printed it--but it's a manufacturer's coupon, so it is usable at any store (bonus tip for savvy shoppers). **There's 2 more days left in this week's grocery ads and the one that comes to mind that is pretty awesome if the Toilet Paper at Safeway. It's on a Procter and Gamble sale of when you buy $25 in P&G products, you get $10 back towards your next purchase. I LOVE these kind of deals because it's instant savings before coupon discounts. The trick is to get each transaction as close to the $25 amount as possible because even if you spend $40--you still only get $10 back. So do TWO transactions of $25 each and with $10 back on each transaction--you only spend a total of $30 before the coupons come off.....LOVE IT!!

So--going back to the toilet paper. Charmin ultra soft 12 double roll packs are $7.99 a pack. Three packages are $ need another product that is very close to $1 (try dish soap, that kind of thing), to make a total close to $25. Pay for it--minus off any coupons from the paper, internet, etc., and at the end of the transaction you get the $10 print-out. Do the exact same thing again, but this time you give them the $10 print-out for additional savings and you still get another one at the end of the transaction. Time to stock up on necessary commodities this week. And WHO doesn't need this kind of stuff in your arsenal?

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  1. Another tiddly bit about the toilet paper. If you go to and click on 'coupons' it will take you to the next page that explains the promotion they have going on through June 15, 2010. If you spend $50 in P&G products and send the receipts in, they will send you a booklet with $100 in coupons in it. YEAH!! I love coupons.