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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hurry to Albertsons'........

So I was on a ConAgra foods website this morning and there is a great $1.50 when you buy 4 items. It was marketed under the Kroger ads but then it occurred to me that Hunts' products are ConAgra owned and they are on sale at Albertsons' this week. AND--when you buy $25 worth of goods, you get a print-out after every $25 transaction for $10 OYNO. Beautiful. You can print 2 coupons (that's $3 off towards 8 products and add any more that you already have). It adds up to a great deal! I wish I had numerous computers to print from.

Now might be a great time to talk about FRAUD. It's a cut and dry deal with manufacturer's coupons that you get from the paper, because one is one--no questions asked. But when you have a home computer you can print, copy, cut and paste, get the picture. So when you have a coupon that you've CANNOT copy and use it twice. I know--it never occurred to you...but it did to LOTS of other people who thought they'd take advantage of a good deal. Each coupon that is printed generates a Pin Number. It's usable ONCE. The registers (mini-computers) will track it's usage and cancel out the coupon. Multi-use of one pin number is fraudulent and brings into question whether the stores will even take coupons printed from home.

So Tiddly Bit: play by the rules so that we can all play the game. Have some integrity and the stores will keep offering great deals. There's nothing wrong with trading favors and coupons with someone with another computer to print more with different pin numbers. There are coupons that you can print from multiple websites. If they let you print multiples, that is NOT fraudulent.

So last Tiddly morsel for the day: if it says "Manufacturer's Coupon" but it comes from a store that does NOT have the sale that best suits your purchase--it is still OK to use that coupon at another store. A coupon printed in a Fred Meyer ad that says "manufacturer's coupon" can be used at Albertsons'. I love that. Because Albertsons' is the one having the major sale with boo-koo savings. I'm all about the bottom line and savings. Good luck, shoppers. Everyone wins.


  1. Great blog Jolinda - maybe I can learn and save a little bit from it even though I don't live in Spokane?

    Judi :)

  2. The principles work everywhere...You just have to be familiar with the stores in your area. Ask what their coupon policies are. You'll get on a friendly, if not, first-name basis with the store employees when you start to buy in bulk. You won't buy the same way anymore. You buy in cycles, rather than weekly (with the exceptions of a few perishables and fresh produce). It's addictive and you are always looking for the deal.