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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fab Fred Meyer Finds

I was out on an impromptu date this afternoon with my man. He chose Fred Meyer for a quick stop to get some new sunglasses. But what's better than a quick stroll through the store to enjoy the "silence"--right? And look what I found!

Cute Cricut cartridges on sale for $29.99! But that wasn't the best part! Unlike JoAnn's or Michael's, the coupons that were attached to the end cap were for all Arts and Crafts supplies for an additional 20% off--and there were no exclusions for the Cricut products. And the coupon states that it may be combined with other store discount coupons!

The orange coupon took $6 off the purchase, and then the store coupon found in the weekly ad took off another 10% ($2.40)...making the cartridge $21.60. That's a GrEaT deal for a very CUTE Cricut cartridge! I've found some great deals on the Internet before, but you have to pay shipping, etc. So this was a stellar find. And the prices are good for another 3 quite a few more chances to take advantage of the sales' price in conjunction with great store coupons.

**We also took advantage of the 70% off Clearance sale and bought Skecher and Nike tennis shoes for the kids' Back to School needs to $10-12 a pair! It was Fabulous!! I felt buzzes going through my fingers as I swiped my debit card today--because I knew that I just big-time scored! I got three pairs of shoes for less than half of what one pair would have cost. Yeah!!

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