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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Target is a great store to shop at. It's trendy and seems to be the "it" store if you get tired of the undesirable visual distractions at other one-stop shopping venues. [Wal-Mart does serve it's purpose in our economy today--but sometimes I just go there to put everything in my life back in perspective--if you know what I mean].

But today there was a great article on that gave kudos to Target for being a great place to shop and save money.
The author verbally illustrated what great deals you can come by if you pay attention to the Target game plan. If you go to, you are led to the main page for the company's information center. You can see weekly ads, get fashion and decor ideas, and see great sales and promotions that are going on. One category that is a must "click" is COUPONS. That is where you can print the in-store coupons. And if you are a savvy coupon shopper, you know that these are not manufacturer's coupons, and thus are able to be used in conjunction with a manufacturer's coupon.

One of the best places to go to get great savings ideas for Target is She outlines how to layer the in-store coupons with the manufacturer's coupons for greater savings. Often times Target will throw an additional savings curve in by offering gift cards for selected purchase combinations. If you are going to buy any of those ideas and have other things to buy--purchase them in a separate transaction first--receive the gift card and then use it for subsequent transactions. The gift cards are earned through the predetermined combinations of ideas prior to any coupons being used. So it's always best to apply a coupon to a sales price; and when possible, check to see if there's a store coupon available on the website.

One great tip that I've learned is that you are able to print two coupons per registered computer address. So if you have multiple computers in your home, you would be able to print a coupon for each IP address. I'm not encouraging hording, by any stretch of the imagination, but--if there's a great deal on diapers, personal care items, food stuffs--sometimes it's nice to be able to buy a few to stockpile until the sales cycle through again.

Target even offers coupons for items that don't generally get couponers attention--like the $2 off any denim jeans or clothes items. I think that's GrEaT because often you will find some terrific deals off the clearance racks that you could use the coupon on as well.

Target also mails out seasonal ads, like to Back to School, Fall, and Christmas--that contain additional coupons. $$$avings could add up big if you can layer manufacturer's coupons on those items as well. I find that when I am looking for coupons on coupon sellers will often bundle and sell Target coupons in addition to manufacturer's coupons. So if you frequent Target for your non-food and household items, it might pay to check for those coupons occasionally, before you plan your replenishment purchases.

Extreme economic times call for extreme savings and Target gets a BULLS EYE for their efforts!

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