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Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Movie Deals are Back!

Every summer there are deals to be had in the theater and movie industry. Spokane is no exception. Regal, in Spokane Valley, is starting their selections on 6/21-6/23 with a choice between Chronicles of Narnia and The Tale of Despereaux. In the past the movies have always been free; but it looks like the economy has caught up with them, because movies are now $1. There is always a choice between a PG and a G movie and multiple days they show--so you could feasibly do both of the selections in one week. Check out: for dates and movie selections.

One thing about the Regal program is that it is national. So when you are traveling or visiting grandparents in other parts of the country or state, here's a great inexpensive activity that can be used as a time filler. Movies are always so expensive to take the whole family to, so you'll be scoring points for being so "generous" when you offer to take the whole crew and pay ;)

On the north side of Spokane, the Village Theater at Wandermere has a bundle price of $5 for nine movie passes. I love this deal because all of the movies are current or recent, with a surprise movie at the end. 55cents a movie is a great price for this mom, even though I loved the sound of "free". Check out: for selections. (I have to admit--I was going to take the kids to see Mr Popper's Penguins, but when I saw that it would be in the summer line-up, who wants to pay $7 a ticket X 7...when I can take the whole family for less than $5 if I wait till July 25th! Frugal Moms really put their children through tests of patience!!)

If you really appreciate that word "free"--the Garland Theater has a weekly free kids throughout the summer. It's a little earlier than most, with the movie starting at 9:30am, but does feature my favorite "f" word. You just have to start your day a little earlier to get seats and situated before the curtains are drawn back. Just beware of raggedy seats and sticky floors. Something about "free" means no updates, air-conditioning or large staff to clean and maintain. But did I mention that the movie was free.

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