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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BaBy PrOmOs at Albertsons'

Albertsons' is having a Baby Promotion sale starting tomorrow--$10 off $30 purchases of any of the listed products from the ad. Nice...since Pampers and Huggies are both included in this deal. If you get a hold of the $3/1 coupons for cases and packages, you can combine the savings on this sale to add up big if you layer the coupons on qualifying products! No babies here--but I can smell a diaper deal a mile away still!! Go to to check out the products included in the promo.

There's also an Instant Spotlight Savings deal going on. You get $5 off your purchase of selected items (back page of the ad) when you buy any combination of 10 items. Coupons are available on most of the products featured. I love the Ortega green chilies and there as a coupon for $1 off 2 Ortega products. Make sure to do your research before you create a mini stockpile of your favorite items. I've found that some stores, like Winco or Wal-Mart, will carry the these pantry essentials for a lower base price everyday than what some of the larger grocery chains have the item go on sale for. If that's the case--as in the green chilies--always place your coupon on the lowest priced item for the greatest savings. For example--the chilies are going to be on sale at Albertsons' for $1.29 if purchased within a set of 10 featured items. The coupon would reduce the price to 79 cents per can when purchased in sets of two. It's a "fair" price, but I don't know if that's the "best" price. If the regular price for the chilies are 99cents a can at Wal-Mart--placing the coupon that would add up to the "best" savings at 49cents a can. **Trick of the trade--know what is a great price before you use your valuable coupons.

I couldn't find any Dole coupons for canned fruit on ebay--so 79cents a can for mandarin oranges and pineapple seem only a fair deal...but the oranges are normally $2+ a can when not on sale. It's a temptation to buy a few, but I don't stock up on these kind of items unless I can see a 80% or greater price difference.

Safeway has some of my favorite pantry items on sale this week--Barilla pasta (10/$10), Ragu spaghetti sauce (4/$5), and Betty Crocker potatoes/Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (4/$5). I just have THREE words about what to do with those prices...USE A COUPON!! There's no guarantee that there will be a coupon available for items when they go on sale, but always check online to see if this is going to be a "stock up" sale. Coupons make all the difference. Fifty cents per item adds up to a lot before you know it.

Good luck on your hunt and your stocking up!! took me awhile, and since yesterday was the last day on the coupon for the free milk from the last Kelloggs' cereal sale...I got the last 8 gallons of free milk. I got 30 coupons for free milk from that amazing sale. I had to stagger the purchases so that it didn't all expire at once and also--couldn't fit that many milks in the extra fridge. So thank you to those of you that took a few off my hands. I felt like the "Milk Fairy" delivering milk to several families last week. I was so random and unexpected. Ever had anyone offer you free milk? Weird, huh? But it really helped me out--so THANKS!

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