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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot Box Tops Deals at Albertsons'

Some things are really hot when you get down to the final transaction. This week at Albertsons' is going to be HOT!! They have lots of things that we like and they include a hot General Mills' promotional of $5 off for each transaction of 10 and they throw in a 50 point bonus coupon of redeemable Box Tops for the kids' school. So I know that this week I'm doing AS MANY transactions as possible because I want those Box Top coupons for the school! 50 points is the cash-value of $5 for the school. And unlike the Labels for Education program that Campbells' does--the General Mills' Box Top program is just that--CASH for the school and not points redeemable only through catalogs.

(I really hate writing checks to the local PTO for all the different fund-raisers and activities that require money at the school. I have five kids in school and a $20 donation here and there for every kid really adds up ): But we eat. Just like everyone else. And if I play the cards right, I can stock up on canned vegetables, yummy potatoes, refried beans, cake mixes, and cereal ALL while tallying those 50-pointers to the tune of at least $100 for the school. So I can do my part as a contributing parent for the PTO--all while I stock the shelves in the pantry for a GREAT deal!

Some of the great deals include: Bisquick (larger box), Bisquick Shake and Pours, Betty Crocker cake mixes and frostings, Green Giant canned vegetables for 39 cents a can when purchased in increments of 10, Old El Paso refried beans, Totinos, and GM fruit snacks to just name a few.

I ordered coupons off of for the Bisquick. They will work on both kinds. If I use them on the Shake and Pours--they are free. If I use them on the big box (way more product for the money), I pay 50 cents for a the whole box. I have some great coupons from peelies off of Betty Crocker potatoes that are save $1/2. With the potatoes going to 50 cents a box when purchased in the increments of 10--they are free as well. The cake mixes are 50 cents and the frostings are $1 in sets of 10. I couldn't find coupons for the individual products, but I found a combo coupon for save 75 cents on 2. I'll take it. I'm going to buy 5 cake mixes and 5 frostings in one transaction for $3.75. The breakdown=38 cents each. That's stellar in comparison to what the exact same products are going for at other stores this week. General Mills cereal is also included in the deal. After the automatic savings of $5 on a set of 10, it's $1.50 a box. Most of the coupons available on it right now are for save $1/2--making it $1 a box. This sounds a little stuck-up--but that's still a little too high for my blood for a stockpile. But if this is new to you and you're used to paying $1.79 a box and thinking that's a great deal-buy a ton at $1 a box, by all means!! And I have to keep reminding myself--think of the school, think of the school!!. What a Win, Win situation for everyone!!

I didn't see coupons for Old El Paso or Green Giant, but the prices are really good without a coupon for a small stockpile till they go on sale again. Again--think of the schools. Make an inventory of what you think you're family would use of any of the products that are on the promotional sale for the next 3 months--and then buy it and put it in the basement, in your pantry, in a corner of the garage. But buy what you'll eat and rotate in a timely manner and if you do it with coupons and by the required purchase amounts--it shouldn't cost you any more for a grundle of food than what you would have paid for a lone product at regular price!

Check out this website below to see what other products are also included in the Box Tops program:

Also: go to to view the ad and see what kind of deal stockpiling you can do this week and make sure you accumulate those print outs for your school and send those in after the first week of school. If your school has competitions to see who brings in the most--your kids will definitely win the competition with a little extra help from Mom :)

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