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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading

I know--it's been awhile. But we're home now and Nate's feeling better...and I'm back to my old habits! I had a great e-mail that I wanted to share today about the summer reading incentives from Barnes and Noble. I love this program! All the kids have to do is read 8 books of their choice, turn the sheet it with the titles, and they get to choose a age-appropriate book at the store counter.
I have a couple of kids that complete this challenge during the first week of summer break. I usually have to prod my boys along, but they have accomplished it ever summer so far. Sometimes we don't make it in till the end of the summer to redeem our sheets for the free books and they've been a little disappointed. Beware! The selection and variety of the freebies is severely limited by the beginning of August. But if you have motivated readers and get done earlier (like June ;), Barnes and Noble has a great selection of 5-6 difference books per age range. The best part: the books are current and popular titles that the kids will love!
Happy reading!!

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