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Monday, November 28, 2011

Did You Survive the Weekend?

As if there is more to say about Black Friday! It seems as though it made quite a fiscal statement, if not, a comical one on the fabric of this fine nation!

And it's not done yet! Roll over, Black Friday--it's time for Cyber Monday! I've been roaming the web and seeing all the articles about how uber-successful Black Friday was this year. That's good news, right? Although I'm not really understanding how that is possible in our cruddy economy and such--but the amazing numbers tell a very different story.

I think that the cartoons also given a hysterical perspective on what some actually went through to acquire the greatest deals!

Did you see the story about the fanatical shopper using pepper spray at a crowded Wal-Mart on Friday morning? That was a new low for the hottest shopping day of the year. Some people just have to ruin it for everyone, don't they?! And it was all for a lousy XBOX. Doesn't she know that was SO last year? [Sigh...] It makes you almost wonder if peoples' hearts can turn black on this particular shopping day in the year. Sounds a tad bit grinchy, if you ask me.
Now let's talk about the green frenzy that was going on! I got the most amazing deals this year! Sonicare toothbrushes for under $10 bucks. Yep. How? They were on sale at Rite Aid for $34.99, producing a $5 Up reward (good on any future purchase). So the discount went like this: $34.99-$5 UP Reward-$10 manufacturer's coupon-$10 mail-in rebate! It was stellar. Super-duper deals!!

I took a few hours out of the long weekend festivities, and hung out at the local Walgreen's taking advantage of their $58 in items that were free thanks to register rewards. Most of which I will be able to use in personal hygiene kits for the local shelters my family donates to. Men's' 5-blade razors that are normally $9.99+ a piece, were a smokin' hot deal for 99cents a piece. So I had to get a few. Ok. I got a lot. They will be a great addition to the kits for the men's shelter downtown.

So I may not have dragged home a flat panel TV for $150 or a miscellaneous gadget from the bottom of the lake of piranha shoppers...but I had the nicest cashiers, shortest lines, and scored some of the best deals without a single bad experience in my three-day shopping haul. I got bags of socks, blankets, shoes, Rubbermaid containers, toys, and xx-xxx (can't say because certain family members read this blog and are getting it for Christmas). And don't forget the loads of toiletries and personal items at my favorite stores. It was a FABULOUS Black Friday--that made my heart flutter and left me with some green for another day. Black Friday, and Black Thursday, and even Blacker Saturday ROCK!!

On a more personal note--during our holiday feast, we have a family tradition that we started not too many years back. As parents, we wanted to impress upon our kids that we weren't just having a HUGE dinner, but were actually taking part in a very special anniversary of sorts. It was a national day of Thanksgiving and remembrance for providence and free living. To honor the pilgrims and their plight for a land in which they were free to worship, we had everyone at the table say three things that they were thankful for. Now, you have to remember--seven children can come up with some pretty amusing things to be grateful for. But most of the answers were heartfelt and thoughtful. Food, family members, and friends topped the lists.

When it was my turn...I was ready! Family. Freedom. And, last, but not least-I am thankful for Coupons! Everyone laughed. But I was serious! Almost everything that they were eating was purchased with a coupon. I had been free to pay the almost free purchase price. And the people that I love the most were eating the good finds--my family.
I know I could list dozens of more things that I am also grateful for. But the things that are on the very top of my list all start with the letter F and not Letter C...sorry, coupons. I'm thankful for a Father in Heaven that loves me, a Fantastic Family, the Finest Friends, Food, [, food, food--in all it's yummy and delicious combinations], Five great kids, Funds, and FUN! I guess coupons fall in the last category because they really are a lot of fun when you realize all the things that you can do with them to save money and move good works along!

Now that the turkey is gone, and the massive shopping is must be time to start decorating for the next celebration. Bring it on!!

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