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Friday, October 21, 2011

Give Life the Bird!

I definitely have another OCD issue to work on...Pinterest. Yep. It's a real word and it's a real problem. But like most addictive personalities...I'm not complaining, but rather just admitting that I am easily obsessed and overwhelmed with the incredible amounts of inspiration and possibilities.

I've always credited myself with knowing how to save a buck, how to maximize my time, and how to satisfy the pickiest palette. So that's why I'm totally bemused that I haven't been aware of what some of you have been doing with those tasty Rotisserie chickens from Costco! WHY am I just now finding out the 101 uses of the bird besides using it as a quick meal in a fix or for dressing up leftovers???

Not too long ago, I asked a friend of mine what she was making for dinner. She described a delicious chicken tortilla soup that was boiling. I said that it must have taken quite some time to simmer and cook. Oh No!! She was boiling a rotisserie chicken that she had picked up at Costco a couple of days before with a few vegetables she just chopped. Whoa. You can boil a rotisserie chicken??? I had no idea! I never thought you could do that. I haven't thought to cook what was already cooked. But why not? No reason--and it's already seasoned. Boiling just loosens the meat from the bone and creates a flavored broth from the juices and vegetables.

I am such a visual learner and obviously that is not something that I've seen done or have heard of before. I mention this here because the Costco bird is guaranteed to be 3lbs after cooking. It's only $4.99 [in comparison to other stores that have their rotisserie chicken between $5.99-7.99!] It's fully cooked and ready to go. In the container is lots of juices from the roasted meat that has since rested and the meat is always tender and perfect. Doing the math--that's $1.67 per pound. In contrast, if I were to buy a raw, unprepared whole would cost anywhere between 99cents-$1.99 per pound. Then I would need ample time to clean, season, and cook the chicken before consumption or meal preparation.

So, dear reader, the question is--what is my time worth, or yours--for a fully cooked bird at $1.67 a pound versus a rough mid-price range of $1.50 a pound for raw flesh? This penny-pincher has had her eyes opened and I've decided that I'm going to give a lot more attention to those juicy birds on the spit in the back of the store!

Now back to pinterest...I came across a website that the author must have known I would find eventually, because it was right up my alley! It caters to the recipes that freeze well (which I love!) and uses the rotisserie chicken to save time! So if I put two and two together--she is saving time and money by making the best and multiple uses of her rotisserie chickens! I feel like doing whooping yell of "Why NOT!" So in my fridge is sitting a rotisserie bird that I picked up today. The kids were begging to just eat the chicken--but I'm holding out! I'm going to boil it Sunday for dinner...and I can't wait!!

I'm thrilled. That's the best use of time and money in domesticity that I've come across in a long time! I feel revitalized in my love of fowl! And just in time for the seasonal time-crunch! I'm going to get started on my plans to give my life the bird since I need to stock the freezer with quick, ready-made meals; reacquaint myself with recipes that I rarely make because there's too many steps from preparation to gracing the dinner table; and I'm going to try a few new recipes to add to my meal repertoire. That is my Ode to the Rotisserie Chicken!

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  1. Hi Jolinda! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post about the rotisserie chickens. They are definitely a family favorite around here. I feel a little ridiculous leaving Costco with 4 chickens at a time, but we go through the meat so quickly! I shredded the meat off my last batch and tossed the remaining bones into the freezer so I can make homemade chicken stock another day. I'll be sure to post how that works, so stay tuned! Happy freezer stocking. :)