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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SOUPER Deals!!

Alright. I eluded to the fact that Albertson's is featuring a fantastic Con Agra sale starting tomorrow--2/9. It's not as extensive in product range as before, but it's still a great deal to get in on and start building a food reserve with!

This is a high-dollar savings week for the advertised products, because the way the deal goes--you have to buy $25 worth of product at the regular price for the Catalina to generate the $10 coupon. In layman's terms, that's NOT sales' price. The qualifier for the $10 is based on the $25 of regular-priced items, but what you pay is based on the sales' prices. You then "roll" the Catalina for $10 that you get on the first transaction onto the subsequent transactions. Each transaction, purchasing in transactions of $25 increments, or thereabouts, will generate a new $10 Catalina print-out. You can accumulate a LOT of food for very little, if not free, quickly.

Regular prices of some of the products:

Chef Boyardee canned pastas--$1.49
Healthy Choice Soup---$2.99
Swiss Miss Cocoa-$2.50
Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce---$1.19
Hunt's Tomatoes-----$1.19
Hunt's Ketchup----$2.29
Gulden's Mustard---$2.29
Hunt's Snack Pack puddings---$1.99
Peter Pan Peanut Butter-$3.29
Pam Cooking Spray----$3.99
Wesson Oil-------$6.29
Ro-Tel Tomatoes---$1.89

Sales' Prices for the same products:

Chef Boyardee canned pasta--10/$10
Healthy Choice Soups--$1
Swiss Miss Cocoa---$1
Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce--$1
Hunt's Tomatoes--$1
Hunt's Ketchup/Mustard/Margarine--$1
Hunt's Pudding---$1
Peter Pan Peanut Butter----$1.69
Pam Cooking Spray----2/$5
Wesson Oils---$3.49
Ro-Tel Tomatoes---$1

(There are a few other products included in this sale that I didn't research the prices of, but may be worth looking into: Snapple Fruit Drinks and Teas, Healthy Choice Complete Meals and Cafe Steamers, Reddi-wip, Marie Callender's Dinners and Steamers, Rosarita Salsa, Banquet Brown and Serve sausage and Dinners, Ro-Tel diced tomato varieties, frozen Kid's Cuisine, and assorted Healthy Choice lunch, dinner, and fresh mix entrees).

Sale Guidelines: SAVE $10 On Your Next Shopping Trip when you buy $25 or more of participating products. Purchase must be made in a single transaction using your Albertsons' Preferred Card. Coupon issued at checkout. Limit one coupon per transaction. Minimum purchase requirement calculated after manufacturer coupons.
What this means: You buy $25 of "regular-priced" goods, but the register totals what you pay based on the "sales' price". You pay the balance owed on the first transaction and a Catalina coupon is generated for $10 that you can use on your next order. For example: you buy 3 Blue Bonnet margarines and 7 Healthy Choice soups and your total will come up to $10. You pay the $10 and you also get the $10 Catalina. You can turn around and use that $10 on your next order. So if you have another $10 total, you "pay" that amount with the Catalina, you have zero out of pocket expense and still generate another Catalina to use on your next order.

Albertsons' Check-Out Policy: You are able to do three transactions before you need to exit the check-out and get back in line, so that everyone has their turn paying for the great deals. They anticipate that this is going to be a blockbuster of a sale and that there are going to be lines of people taking advantage of getting some great products for free. So--3 trannies, back of the line. Now--everything is different when there's no one waiting behind you. You can roll as many transactions as you want, until someone gets in line behind you. BE COURTEOUS. There are stores that are opening up lanes for just this promo deal. The store on 57th and Regal will have 2 check-out lanes that are for nothing except these kind of transactions. Most stores are prepared for the lines, but the customers need to play by the store rules and Be Nice.

Here are some of the match-ups that would make for a great deal:


3 Blue Bonnet Cubes + 7 HC Soups = $10 minus $10 Catalina =FREE
5 Blue Bonnet Tubs + 6 HC Soups =$10 minus $10 Catalina =$1
4 Hunt's Puddings + 6 HC Soups = $10 minus $10 Catalina =FREE
4 Ro-Tel Tomatoes + 6 HC Soups =$10 minus $10 Catalina =FREE
6 Guilden's Mustards + 4 HC Soups =$10 minus $10 Catalina =FREE
4 Hunt's Ketchup + 6 HC Soups =$10 minus $10 Catalina =FREE
4 Hunt's Tomatoes + 7 HC Soups =$11 minus $10 Catalina =$1
2 Rosarita Salsa + 7 HC Soups =$11 minus $10 Catalina =$1
3 Pam Cooking Sprays + 6 HC Soups =$13.50 minus $10 Catalina =$3.50
3 Hunt's BBQ Sauce + 6 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina =$2
2 Wesson Oil + 5 HC Soups =$11.98 minus $10 Catalina =$1.98
6 Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce + 6 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina =$2
2 Reddi-wip + 7 HC Soups =$12.58 minus $10 Catalina=$2.58
4 PP Peanut Butter + 4 HC Soups =$10.76 minus $10 Catalina= 76cents
3 Marie Callender's dinners + 4 HC Soups =$13 minus $10 Catalina= $3
3 Marie Callender's Pot Pies + 4 HC Soups =$13 minus $10 Catalina= $3
3 Kid's Cuisine + 6 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina= $2
5 Chef Boyardee + 7 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina= $2
5 Banquets + 7 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina= $2
5 Manwich + 6 HC Soups =$11 minus $10 Catalina= $1
2 HC steams/dinners + 6 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina= $2
3 HC entrees + 6 HC Soups =$12 minus $10 Catalina= $2

Boy--that's A LOT of soup and other stuff!! FYI--The stores know that there is going to be a lot of Healthy Choice Soups purchased to just get the great price on the other products, and so they are setting up stations inside the store for the local food banks if you don't find a need or want that kind or amount of soup.

I'm scoring a lot of peanut butter on this deal and so a lot of my transactions actually don't have any soup in them because the regular price on the peanut butter is $3.29 and acts as a higher mediator in accumulating the $25 needed to generate the Catalina. This is an amazing way to stock up on basics like canned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, soups, cooking oils, condiments, and quick dinner ideas. Most of the expiration dates on the products are months out, if not a year or two.

I'm still thinking about that quote that says it's better to be prepared 10 years early, than 10 minutes too late. What would it hurt to have a few months supply of staples to feed your family on hand in cruddy economic times. Food is always in fashion ;)

Just to see if you read all the way to the bottom...there are some coupons that you can print for free from the privacy of your home that you can use with this awesome deal.

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  1. hello jolinda!!
    i've never done any of the coupon things, nor any of the other great things you talk about on this site. i've been checking out your blog and decided this was my first big $ saving thing to try. i didn't even have an alberston's card. i went in and got one just so i could try this fun sale. i tried it and it didn't work? they said the $10 thingee only comes if you spend $25 on the SALES price. still a good sale, but not nearly as great as almost free.