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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow

We just clued into something that has been going on for awhile at Lowe's. It's their Build and Grow kids building project activities. They are free workshops that are every other Saturday. You go online to register your kids and you get to go put a kit together that makes something fun out of wood (with screws and nails, of course) for the kids to play with or display.

Yesterday we went for the first time and the kids make a ball and cup toy. The kits were out on the table and included everything they needed to put it together. The information at the website showed that it was from I figured that the projects would take about that long. It was actually much faster--or my kids are just geniuses :) But for an investment of 20 minutes, they all came away with a fun game and the excitement of having put it together themselves.

So for a great supplemental activity to do with your kids this summer--this is a must have on the list. And the real deal of the whole event--it's free. So go to for more information and upcoming schedules.

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